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Professional Tank Services


Grafitti removal on GFS tank



Interior Sediment Removal


Preventative maintenance keeps your tank solution running at peak performance.

When you invest in a Greatario tank, you opt for a tank with the lowest lifetime maintenance cost on the market. You also choose our 35+ years of experience and expertise in the field of tank manufacturing.

Even with these advantages, we recommend routine maintenance, such as tank inspections and cleanings. Interior and exterior inspections and a cathodic protection test are effective measures to keep your tank in good condition. Many companies offer these services, as well as water quality equipment, but most don’t have the experience in building tanks to understand their unique properties. This understanding allows us to develop a 5, 10 or 15 year maintenance plans for our customers. These plans allow operators and municipalities to plan their budget or downtime as needed. Our maintenance team is there to help you manage your tank for drinking water storage, water storage for fire extinguishing or industrial use.

Most maintenance can be done with your tank online and operational. Our technicians are NACE certified for cathodic protection testing and they understand the importance of this often overlooked preventative measure. 

Interior / Exterior Cleaning
Insulation / Cladding
Expansion / Relocation
Cathodic Protection Replacement

Interior / Exterior tank cleaning (in-service and off-line tanks)

  • Sediment Removal 
  • Wash and Reseal Touch-ups
  • Grafitti Removal

Adding insulation and cladding to existing tank to mitigate affects of weather and/or stabilize internal tank environment

Certain tanks can be expanded (to increase capacity)

Certain tanks can be relocated or removed (end of life, change to process design, etc)

Inspection, testing and replacement of sacrificial Cathodic Protection anodes to ensure proper protection against corrosion in your GFS tank. CP should be inspected on a regular basis to help ensure tank integrity and water quality.

Cathodic Protection

Why choose Greatario for your Service?


Greatario uses state-of-the-art technologies to perform the best possible tank cleaning and maintenance. These include 4K drone imaging, underwater ROV imaging and professional instruments used for cathodic protection testing.

Less Downtime

Our professional maintenance team can perform most services while your tank remains CONNECTED and IN USE. If any issues are detected our team can help you plan the downtime to minimize disruptions.

Our Experience

We have built hundreds of tanks across Canada. Our team knows how to build and maintain tanks, and this experience helps us understand the importance of preventive maintenance. Plus, our team can help plan for or immediately resolve any issues that may arise. 

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