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Professional Tank Inspections

Routine inspections can ensure your tank operates at its best for many years. Greatario offers a full range of services including exterior drone inspections, full interior ROV inspections, and cathodic protection testing. Usually these inspections can be completed while your tank remains ONLINE and IN SERVICE. 

Each inspection also comes with a complete report of all findings and a predictive maintenance schedule to help plan and budget. Our professional team has been building and inspecting tanks for 35+ years and can not only foresee potential issues but can complete repairs and upgrades.

'Dry' Interior / Exterior Inspections
'Wet' ROV & Cathodic Protection Inspection
Complete Exterior Inspection (Drone)
Exterior Cathodic Protection Testing

For tanks currently empty or offline for planned maintenance or upgrades

  • Visual inspection of tank interior
  • Visual inspection of tank exterior
  • Interior or Exterior touch-ups (as needed)
  • Floor cleaning add-on optional service
  • Cathodic Protection Anode replacement (as needed)

For in-service or operational tanks, generally can remain online during inspections

  • ROV internal tank and Cathodic Protection system inspection
  • Cathodic Protection system testing¬†
  • Exterior visual inspection (finish and accessories)
  • Visual inspection of the foundation
  • Minor Interior or Exterior touch-ups (as needed)
  • No drainage required

Video inspection of exterior, roof and surrounding area

  • Full height, high resolution video inspection of tank exterior
  • No access equipment is required
  • Thorough and safe inspection of the roof and accessories
  • Videos and aerial photos of the reservoir, the site and the surrounding area.
  • External visual inspection of tank / accessories
  • Visual inspection of foundation and local site
  • Exterior Cathodic Protection testing (roof hatch access required – minimum 50% liquid capacity)
  • Tank remains online during testing
Routine tank inspections help avoid unexpected maintenance costs
and keep your tank in top condition.

Our service team can inspect most types of tanks, including concrete, welded steel and bolted steel tanks.

Tank Types

Why choose Greatario for your inspections?


Greatario uses state-of-the-art technologies to perform the best possible tank inspection. These include 4K drone imaging, underwater ROV imaging and professional instruments used for cathodic protection testing.

Less Downtime

Our professional maintenance team can perform most inspections and cleanings while your tanks remain CONNECTED and IN USE. If any issues are detected our team can help you plan the downtime to minimize disruptions.

Our Experience

We have built hundreds of tanks across Canada. Our team knows how to build and maintain tanks, and can see beyond the obvious during inspections. Plus, our team can help plan for or immediately resolve any issues that may be present. 

Municipalities should have a Water Quality and Asset Management Plan for their water storage tanks.

Greatario’s Service Team can create a comprehensive 10 to 50 year Asset Management Plan for you. The report will outline the timing of inspections, cleanings, cathodic protection testing and replacement schedule. In addition, our plans contain the costs related to each service, by year, to help you plan your budget, or downtime, if necessary. All of our recommendations take into account AWWA standards and manufacturers’ standards.

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