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A tank is not a tank, until it's built.  

Greatario has built its reputation on engineering, designing and erecting custom tanks. We employ skilled tank builders who are factory trained.

Project Manager

Once a project has been awarded, we will assign a Project Manager to organize our overall efforts.  This person will work with our Customer, our Tank Factory and our Field Construction Group to complete the project.  The Project Manager will organize our activities with our tank supplier, as well as any mixing supplier and/or cleaning supplier.  This person usually attends any progress meetings as required by our Customer.  Our Project Managers are Factory Trained Tank Builders, familiar with mechanical and electrical and especially with concrete and rebar.

Field Construction Group

Greatario employs approximately thirty (30) professional tank builders, who erect our projects across Canada.  Our Builders are Factory trained every year along with our Health & Safety requirements.  We employ five (5) Master Builders who act as our jobsite Foremen.  These individuals are highly trained and possess unique tank building skills along with concrete and rebar experience.  The Foreman will be our daily contact with the General Contractor on site.  Our Field Construction Group is very familiar with building tanks across Canada in adverse site conditions such as wind, snow and cold and hot temperatures which play a significant part in the building of a quality tank.

Greatario ensures customer satisfaction by sending only highly trained builders to every job.  

How A Tank Is Built

View a slideshow illustrating the Building of a Tank here...

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