Home - Greatario can provide turnkey operations that are efficient and cost effective.

Experience - Since its inception, Greatario’s Aquastore storage tanks have become the industry standard within the water and wastewater marketplace.

Leadership - The knowledge and experience of our team is respected amongst municipal and industrial owners, engineers and consulting companies.

Engineering and Design Support - Every Greatario water and wastewater storage tank is factory engineered to customer specifications.

Construction Support - Greatario has built its reputation on engineering, designing and erecting custom tanks. We employ skilled tank builders who are factory trained.

Post Construction ServicesOur philosophy is to provide the highest quality products to be backed by uncompromised service for all our customers.

Employment Opportunities - Greatario has a lot to offer as an employer. We provide our employees with the tools they need to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills by offering a range of training programs.

Potable WaterGreatario engineered storage systems prides itself as a market leader for liquid storage tanks for both municipal and industrial applications.

Standpipe - Greatario engineered storage systems can design and construct standpipe water storage tanks with overflow elevations in excess of 120 feet. (36.6m)

Reservoirs - Greatario engineered storage systems applications - potable watercan design, build and service any type of reservoir tank for your water storage.

Composite Elevated Tank - Greatario's Composite Elevated Tanks (CET) are available with overflow elevations in excess of 200 feet high.

Composite Elevated Tank - Expandable - Planners can now allow for the growth of the communities by gradually increasing the working volume of the elevated water tower over the long-term growth period of their population.

Chlorine Conact Chambers - For the storage of potable water, our Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks offer many advantage.

Waste Water - When it comes to above ground wastewater tanks, Greatario offers a variety of options.

Municipal - Glass-fused-to-steel aquastore tanks are the preferred choice for municipal engineers and operators.

Industrial Aquastore - Aquastore tanks are versatile and cost-effective meeting the needs of a higher standard for ROI demanded within the industrial markets.

Industrial Hydrotec - HydroTec tanks deliver the highest quality at the lowest cost per gallon.

Aerobic digesters - An open system that utilizes oxygen and biologically treats waste with naturally occurring organisms.

Anaerobic Digesters - A completely oxygen-free system that biologically treats waste with naturally occurring organisms.

Leachate - Aquastore  tanks are in service in hundreds of leachate storage applications.

Clarifiers - Aquastore tanks are versatile and cost-effective for wastewater treatment storage.

Industrial - Greatario provides storage tanks and custom covers manufactures out of multiple materials designed specifically for your unique industrial application.

Fire Protection - Greatario has been designing & building fire protection water storage tanks for municipal & industrial markets since 1986.

Mining - Greatario works closely with Canadian mining companies to provide the right process tank and cover solution to meet the production needs of the operation.

Oil & Gas - Greatario offers the Geodesic aluminum domes bolted steel storage tanks for the Oil & Gas industry and offer an independently audited API-12B monogram certificate.

Food & Beverage - Greatario provides storage tanks and covers for all types of liquid applications in the food industry from food processing to food handling.

Frac Water - CST HydroTec epoxy coated tanks and Aquastore glass-fused-to steel tanks provide the quality protection demanded to contain frac water.

Pulp & Paper - Rely on Greatario Engineered Storage Systems to provides the right tank and cover solution to meet your process requirements.

Liquid Fertilizer - Nutristore liquid fertilizer storage tanks offer quick, on-site construction, expandable and relocatable, pre-engineered modular tanks, covers and accessories.

Bioenergy - Turn to Greatario for biomass and digester tanks, aluminum domes and specialty covers.

Digesters - Greatario builds the best storage tanks and covApp-Bio-Digester Mainers designed specifically to perform in digester processes.

Biofuels - The proper storage solution for Biofuels requires careful evaluation of all the components that go into the tank and cover.

BioMass - The proper storage solution for Biomass can make a huge difference in energy production.

Storage Tanks - Greatario's Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel tanks are found in virtually every segment of the liquid storage market.

Aquastore Glass-Fused-To-Steel - Glass-fused-to-steel has become the premium water and liquid storage technology leader.

Aquastore Vitrium Glass-Fused-To-Steel - The proprietary Vitrium technology exceeds all other internal coatings. 

HydroTec Epoxy Coated Tanks - HydroTec tanks deliver the highest quality at the lowest cost per gallon.

PetroTec - Petrotec is the factory coated tank for the petroleum industry.

Covers - If its water, wastwater, industrial fluids or minerals - we've got it covered.

Aluminum Domes - The unique properties of aluminum make it far superior to other materials and alloys.

Aluminum Flat Panel - We manufacture multiple designs that are engineered specifically for your installation to provide excellent odor control, protection from the environment and safety for your operations personnel.

Steel Roofs - CST domes are an easy retrofit of an existing high maintenance steel roof.

Membrane Roofs - Greatario offers a full line of steel and membrane roof options. rigid or flexible, steel or stainless, supported or free span.

Hexa-Cover Water & Wastewater - The unique and patented Hexa-Cover floating cover is perfect on almost any form of fluid surface.

Weaver Reclaimers - Weaver Reclaimer Systems are some of the most rugged, versatile and dependable systems available today for bottom removal of all types of materials.

Hydraulix - Hydraulix Process Mixing Systems feature a unique double nozzle design which allows for even energy distribution.

Life Cycle -  Say good-bye to high maintenance construction, cracks, painting, corrosion and rust.

Life Cycle Calculator - If you are comparing the life cycle cost of a glass fused-to-steel vs. a field painted tank, please see our convenient calculator.

Asset Management - If you need assistance with your current Asset Management plan, call us, one of our experienced professionals can help.

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