Composite Elevated Tank - Expandable


Our Generation II Composite Elevated Water Tank has the tapered pedestal appearance plus offers the following benefits such as;

  • Expandable tank capacity
  • Never needs painting
  • Maintenance free aluminum geodesic dome roof
  • Fast construction with minimal community disruption from noise and with no noxious fumes from the use of paints during construction.

Greatario knows how and when to use what materials to maximize overall storage tank performance. CST uses concrete where it performs best - As a structural member for foundations and pedestals and not as a storage tank where concrete has a long history of cracking and leaking. Most of our customers also chose Aquastore CET's over field welded solutions because they wanted to save repainting costs and they didn't want to see an inevitable rusty tank high up in the air where it might reflect on the town's image.

Planners can now allow for the growth of the communities by gradually increasing the working volume of the elevated water tower over the long-term growth period of their population. The tank portion of the Generation II product can be engineered & designed for added additional vertical capacity within the long term Master Plan requirements of the community. A typical tank expansion of 25% can be completed within in a 3 week timeline (local conditions permitting). The benefits of this feature are; Tank volumes can be designed for proper water turnover relative to the demand to prevent stagnant water conditions that may occur in an oversized tank. The tank can be designed for the 20 - 30 year Master growth plans in 5 or 10 year increments to match the actual volumes required. Capital costs for the incremental capacity increase is very inexpensive as compared to adding a completely new Elevated tank for additional capacity.

Greatario provides a complete turnkey solution; design, engineering services and construction services. We are often a general contractor for the project depending upon the scope.